Prague is the capital in the Czech Republic. At the same time, it is the largest city in the whole country. Prague has a very interesting and long history. You can find castles, bridges and old churches in this fascinating city. If you love sightseeing, Prague is definitely a perfect destination for you!

But there are so much more things to try, when you are visiting this city. If you already decided to visit Prague, you undoubtedly have your own reasons to do so. We can recommend some more! The whole Czech Republic is very famous for its beer, so you have to try at leas a few different beers, when you are there! In Prague are also a lot of artists, who deserve your attention.


If you are an adrenalin lover, you should also try cheap shooting range in Prague. If you are traveling to the middle Europe, you probably also want to try something exciting and special. This is a perfect option! The shooting range a great place for everyone, who loves guns and adventure games. Doesn´t matter if you are and advanced shooter or a total beginner! They have packages for everyone!

gun charges

Outback Prague provide excellent service. For an example they will pick you up at your hotel and transport you right to the shooting range. You don´t have to worry about anything!

The whole experience is under control of well-experienced instructors, who know exactly what to do. They will provide you an unforgettable but also save experience! You can try a lot of different guns and challenges. If you take a friend with you, it can be more fun and you are can also save money!

Check their website and choose the package, which suits you the best! If you have any doubts, feel free to contact them. They respond almost immediately and they will answer all of your questions. We hope you will enjoy this experience and that it will be very special for you!

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